While corporate philanthropy provides a new, more meaningful layer to any business, many companies have trouble crafting a single focus message to both their employees and the community in which they operate. Effectively making a difference in the community with the appropriate marketing tactics, face to face time, and ways to help the people around you can be a daunting task. To help both you and your company in the process, take the time to think about the below ways to guide the way to philanthropic success.

Matt Tonello, of Harvard University, explores how corporate philanthropy programs can add value and meaning to the company’s overall brand, while also strengthening local ties with community members on a more personal level. Tonello states that with an engaging mission statement and a well designed program, these CSR programs can provide said company with a certain competitive advantage.

“For example, charitable contributions can increase the name recognition and reputation of a brand or company among consumers. In addition, corporate support of local causes improves the quality of life in communities where the company does business.”

Community Involvement

Getting involved in the community with some personal face to face volunteer time is the best way to understand the needs of the people in your community and foresee their changing needs in the future.

A great example of a philanthropic organization that has done this is called the “Park West Foundation,” which is currently working with the autumn de Forest to provide art supplies to schools with the national Turnaround Arts program. Together, they have even  sponsored museum exhibitions around the country, offering a public forum where children of all ages can learn and experience the power of art.

The Dollar Only Goes So Far

Identifying alternative ways your company can contribute to a cause or charity will create a long lasting impact. Some examples of this include employee workdays, free services, and half day volunteer days to make a positive mark in the area.

Know The People You’re Serving

Deciphering the age groups that you are helping will guide you in understanding how to most effectively aid them. One huge mistake that companies make is to apply the same marketing tactics to different generations they are working with. As each generation speaks a slightly different cultural language, conducting some research beforehand is the best way to approach the situation.