For anyone selling their home, hosting an open house provides ample opportunities for potential buyers. Bringing in multiple people at the same time all with interest in the home can get a “sold” sign on the front lawn in no time. Open houses are quick and easy, but they do take work to prepare for. Here are a few tips to getting your home in the best shape possible for your open house.

Bake Cookies

Some say this is an old trick not worth doing. Others, however, believe this is a card you want to play when anyone comes to look at your home. The scent of freshly baked cookies in a home brings nostalgia, making the buyers feel comfortable, welcomed, and maybe a little hungry.

Use a Durable Floor Cleaner

Your home should be spotlessly clean when you host an open house. A durable floor cleaner can ensure your floors look brand new. Potential buyers don’t want to see stains, scratches or dents in the floor. A hardwood floor mop will make the job an easy task. You may want to even consider recoating or restaining the floors if they have years of wear on them.

Shampoo Your Carpets

In addition to caring for your hardwood, you should do the same for your carpets. Before an open house, give the carpets a fresh shampoo. Often, homeowners don’t even notice their home’s scent, and carpet shampooers can easily remove odors for a clean and fresh carpet while also removing stains.

Remove Personal Photos

When looking at a potential home, no one wants to see the family that currently lives there. Remove any and all personal photos from your home when you host an open house. This ensures your privacy, but also allows potential buyers to envision their own family photos hanging on the walls, rather than your own.

Declutter Rooms

Removing clutter can make rooms look larger. If you have no place to store extra things such as items on the counter in the bathroom, extra toys or furniture, or even decorative knick knacks, purchase a storage bin and store things in your garage. Since you’re moving, you won’t need these items on a daily basis and it will save you packing time when your house does sell. When it comes to open houses, less is really more – more space that is.

Buy New Towels

Give your bathroom and kitchen fresh towels. New hand towels can be such a nice touch rather than dirty, used towels. Clean and fresh is the way to go here. Potential buyers want a home to look new, not used or lived in.

Upgrade Your Landscape

Curb appeal is a huge plus in the eyes of potential buyers. When looking at a home, the first thing homebuyers see is the outside. This is the first impression they will have of your home. Upgrade your landscape by planting flowers, adding shrubbery and even some garden lighting. Show homebuyers they won’t have to do extra work to make the home look beautiful on the outside.

Organize Your Cabinets and Closets

Yes, when you host an open house, anyone coming to look will take a gander inside of your cabinets and your closets. You want to make sure these are organized, and not stuffed with items you wanted to hide. Potential buyers want to know that they will have room for their belongings.

Selling a home is hard work, but if you put in the effort, you will see the reward of hosting an open house. Take advantage of the opportunity so you too, can find your new home.