Talia Ramos Renovation Projects

Are You Ready to Take On a Renovation?

January 10, 2018

  Every homebuyer has their wishlist. Every feature they could have ever dreamed of or hoped for packaged into one building with walls and windows– and they call it “home”. A house is more than just that, walls and windows. It’s a sanctuary of comfort, where you cook your food, where you sleep, and generally where you spend most of your time. When most homebuyers look on the ...

Talia Ramos Hidden Costs for Homeowners

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

December 12, 2017

There’s no question about it– buying a home is no cheap process. Saving up for a downpayment is one major factor that most prospected homebuyers dread. It’s easy for homebuyers to feel in over their heads with savings, bank accounts, applications, and more. In a 2016, consumer reports shared data showcasing percentages of generations among homebuyers. Generation Y (better known as ...

Talia Ramos Chicago Hot spots

Chicago’s Real Estate Hot Spots

November 8, 2017

  One of the most popular and fascinating cities in the United States, Chicago is known for a variety of things, including some of the country's hottest real estate. Whether it's a young family seeking a first home in which to settle down and build a life with their children, retirees looking to enjoy the various aspects of city life that only Chicago offers, or investors who want to ...

Talia Ramos Home Selling TIps

These Real Estate Tips Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

September 28, 2017

Have a home that you want to sell fast? Whether you’re a homeowner looking to relocate or you’re a real estate investor ready to move on from your property, these tips are must-haves for selling your home fast. The real estate industry is an ever changing market. As homes go up for sale and are followed by sealing the deal, here are a few behind-the-scenes tricks to just how the pros do ...