Talia Ramos Millennial Home

Common Wishlist Items Among Millennial Homebuyers

June 1, 2017

The home market is not what it used to be. As the millennial generation increasingly becomes the largest generation of living humans, research finds that they aren’t buying houses like their predecessors of Gen X and Gen Y. This can be due to a vast amount of reasons; millennials are living with their parents for longer periods of time, their renting apartments more than they are buying homes, ...

Talia Ramos Homebuyers in 2017

Real Estate: Millennial Homebuyers in 2017

May 9, 2017

In the past few years there has been some speculation and more concrete talk as to why Millennials are not buying homes at the same rate as their predecessors have. Not to mention that Millennials tend to look for homes in or around cities, which often are higher in price than homes further out in the suburbs. Factors such as student loans, credit card debt and marrying later all affect this ...

Talia Ramos Chicago Depository

How the Greater Chicago Depository Continues to Change Lives

January 10, 2017

This past holiday season, the Greater Chicago Depository delivered over 16,000 pounds of produce and food to homes within the city and surrounding suburbs. Believe or not, this amount of food was given to around 300 families to spread some holiday cheer to households that are less fortunate. One volunteer, named Bruce Gaede, highlights the importance of why he and many others continue to ...

Talia Ramos Corporate Philanthropy

3 Effective Corporate Philanthropy Tips

October 14, 2016

While corporate philanthropy provides a new, more meaningful layer to any business, many companies have trouble crafting a single focus message to both their employees and the community in which they operate. Effectively making a difference in the community with the appropriate marketing tactics, face to face time, and ways to help the people around you can be a daunting task. To help both you ...