As hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans everyday face the threat of hunger, the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s primary mission is to not only holistically address this issue across the city, but to also collaboratively work with public schools, individuals and other partners in the area to combat food insecurity.

Along with food drives and orchestral concerts that this organization participates in annually, one of the most important events that the Chicago Food Depository runs is the 31st Annual Hunger Walk on Saturday, June 25 at Chicago’s historic Jackson Park on Lake Michigan. These funds raised by the Hunger Walk support a local network of food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters combating hunger across Cook County.

For more than 30 years, the Hunger Walk has grown into the area’s largest anti-hunger rally, along with representing bringing Chicago residents from all walks of life together. This walk also strongly symbolizes the common belief that each Chicagoan deserves a proper meal with the support from neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

Last year’s Hunger Walk event brought over 14,000 residents to the Lakeshore as a means to raise funds and awareness for the fight against hunger in Cook County. The 30th annual Hunger Walk also allowed residents to experience live entertainment and activities for all ages, creating an inviting, impactful atmosphere for families, friends and coworkers throughout the Chicago area.

Similar to the previous hunger walks the Greater Chicago Food Depository have previously organized, you can also receive dollar matches to the corresponding amounts an individual or team has fundraised.

Receive up to $1,250 match on your fundraising- – Raise $500 and receive a $100 match
– Raise $1,000 and receive a $200 match
– Raise $2,500 and receive a $500 match
– Raise $5,000 and receive a $1,250 match

Create a Team: After registering online, you can click on this option. If you happen to be the Team Captain and are setting up your agency’s team page, be sure to use your agency number and name so other participants can locate you easily and funds raised can be appropriately allocated. Below are some ways to become involved at this year’s Hunger Walk.

Join a Team: Click this option if you are not the Team Captain and want to join a team that has already been set-up.

Fundraise as an Individual: this option will appear after you have registered without a team.

With the help of big name sponsors such as ConAgra Foods, Kraft Heinz, and Tyson, the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the organization’s fellow volunteers will work collaboratively in order to alleviate hunger in every home or school in Chicago.

If you are unable to attend the walk, please be sure to either donate or join the fundraising team to help the organization maximize their efforts to aid the hungry.