Every year during the holiday season, the food bank called the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Northern Illinois Food Bank collaborate as a means to effectively tackle the issue of hunger in the neighborhoods across the windy city. Essentially, the Greater Chicago Food Depository is the primary local food bank in Cook County which focuses on aiding local residents to the best of their ability.


Through the implementation of the grassroots mindset, the Food Depository provides food for more than 812,000 individuals who are in need throughout their day to day lives. In this sense, the depository acts as the middle ground that essentially pairs individuals in need with the appropriate, convenient food giving resources or establishments. These resources and establishments are located within a close-knit, organized network of 650 food pantries, shelters, and programs for people of all ages. This local organization is able to extend its reach with generous donations and a wide array of volunteers from all skillsets who actively participate in fulfilling the mission of aiding local residents of the Chicago area, while still nurturing their specific needs through the network.


volunteers at soup kitchen

Recently, The Greater Chicago Food Depository has teamed up with Cook County in order to implement a two year program which basically demonstrates a health food based approach. In this program, both organizational bodies will collaborate in the interest of providing fresh produce as a nutritious alternative to families and individuals alike across the city.


An alarming statistic from Cook County affirms that roughly 760,000 residents in the greater Chicago area lack adequate food resources, which in turn creates an emotional and physical state of “food insecurity.” An effective way for Cook county to holistically assess the level of food insecurity of a family or individual in need, the health team has crafted a survey to discern the severity of the situation. The Logan Square clinic applied this program within the last month to find out that more than half of children in the area screened by pediatricians were not receiving enough nutrients from the diet or essentially had a level of food insecurity. Please visit the website of The Greater Chicago Food Depository here to donate, volunteer or learn more about the cause.

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