The first step in the process of successfully figuring out the when to move out after your home is sold is to create a logical plan laying out a foundational timeline. It is important to keep in mind once the paperwork is signed at closing, you are no longer own the house and the new owners currently own the home. 

Technically speaking, if you or any of your possessions are currently in the home after these papers are signed,  “the buyer could evict you,” says Joshua Jarvis, founder of Jarvis Team Realty in Duluth, GA.

Although this is definitely the more extreme case of the two, it sometimes occurs to homeowners who have just signed the house off to new owners.

On a large scale, the new homeowners will understand if you need a bit more time and have a legitimate reason such as conflicting work schedules, unexpected circumstances, etc. As long as you discuss these issues before the close, there is a very minimal chance of confusion or any potential conflicts during this process.

In addition, if you and the buyers agreed to transfer any services such as alarm monitoring or pest control, it is essential that you sent this up before leaving the home for good. After this part of the process is complete, ask your agent to get in touch with theirs to confirm that transfer went accordingly to plan.

Even if this may be self-explanatory for some, it is a common courtesy to make sure your old home is clean and ready to go for the new buyers.

“Some folks leave all kinds of unwanted clothes, furniture, paint cans, and other items, thinking they are helping the buyers,” Jarvis says. If the new buyers didn’t explicitly ask for the paint cans or sofas, there is a good chance that they did not.

It is common to leave or forget something behind, so be sure to double-check areas such as the garage or the attic to make sure items are not overlooked during this process. At the same time, you don’t necessarily have to have the home deep cleaned or anything of that nature.

Before you close the door for the last time, run through a short checklist such as going through the house one last time, making sure your mail has been forwarded to your new address, etc. We all get in a bit of a rush even in the best planned moves, so be sure to take a deep breath and look forward to the next stage of your life.