Talia Ramos Lessons From CJ

For those that watch HGTV and are up to date on the latest home improvement trends, you’ve probably heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines. This thriving couple based in Waco, Texas took television by storm with their quirky personalities, transparently strong relationship, and most importantly their incredible ability to flip a house. Turning an empty eyesore into a stunning piece of real estate are their specialty. These real estate experts have taught us everything we need to know demolition day to modern, sleek designs. Here are a few takeaways everyone can use as guidelines for renovations in real estate.

Color and Lighting are Everything

A known trend of Joanna Gaines is painting everything white. Shiplap? Paint it white. Brick? White wash it. Walls? Those are white, but sometimes you can add color. White (or off-white) is a popular interior color because of the light it reflects. The more light in a room, the bigger it appears. Brightness has an opening effect on rooms and can make an area look more appealing. Among all things Joanna paints white, she does know how to add pops of color. From bold stripes to flawless, industrial materials, we can all learn how to combine white with stunning accents.

Always Get Insurance

When buying a home you intend to renovate, insurance is a must! You can’t rely on an inspector to see things beneath the flooring, behind the walls, and more. Having insurance for things in your home will not only save you thousands of dollars should anything go wrong with the home, but it will give you peace of mind.

A Fixer-Upper Takes Time & Preparation

When looking for a renovation home, the top three things people look at are location, layout, and price. While you can’t change the location of a property, you can change the layout and negotiate the price. In that process, it takes time and preparation.

There are a lot of hidden aspects to renovation that you have to be prepared for. As we have learned from Chip Gaines on demolition day, you just don’t know what’s behind the walls, where support beams may be hiding, or where water damage (if any) is hiding until you find it. Going into any renovation you have to be prepared for the unforeseen situations.

With time and preparation, fixer-uppers require flexibility. You may not be able to knock a wall down you intended to, but you can always work with what you’ve got for the better! In the end, you’ll love the project if you remain open and flexible.