Deals in Heels Chicago

As a woman in real estate, it’s not uncommon to be caught closing a deal in your heels. In fact, Realty of Chicago recently hosted a networking event for all entrepreneurs and successful women invested in Chicago’s real estate to share their stories and connect with each other. This professional opportunity is a night of empowerment and inspiration for all who attend.

Talia Ramos, a successful Chicago Real Estate Investor, attended Chicago’s “Deals in Heels” on May 24, 2018. The night is all about women celebrating together, connecting, and sharing their secrets to success. One of the main reasons Talia is so passionate about Deals in Heels is because of it’s purpose: to connect, empower, and inspire.

In 2008, Talia was sponsored by Jason Shapiro of Rising Realty which is how Talia was able to jumpstart her real estate education. Today, Talia is able to pass it forward by sponsoring a young, 21-year-old entrepreneur.  Not only is this a form of giving back, but it’s a note of empowerment, empowering women in the fast-paced world of Chicago’s real estate.