Starting a career in real estate requires a lot of steps be taken before the career can even begin. Individuals may need to pass exams, procure an office space, and better learn about the neighborhoods that they will serve. Another way to get started on a successful career is to have a real estate mentor. This step can help in a variety of ways.

Acquire Desired Skills

One major benefit of having a real estate mentor is that individuals can find mentors who harness specific skills. In other words, when finding a mentor, interested parties should define what it is specifically that they hope to gain from the mentoring experience and find a mentor with those skills.

Have Direction

Even for budding real estate agents who are savvy in the market and the trends, navigating this entire process can feel overwhelming. A good mentor will not make the decisions for the new real estate agent but rather provide guidance and direction that will support and enhance the best choices. For example, new agents might not even know what the options are; the mentor can both identify and explain them.

Evaluate Weaknesses

While some people don’t want to admit weaknesses in their chosen fields, doing so is actually an important part of growing. Weaknesses cannot be resolved when they remain unknown. A mentor can help budding agents to determine areas where they need more growth and to establish plans for promoting that growth.

Build Confidence

Without confidence, real estate agents are likely to second guess all of their moves and provide shaky advice to clients. Ultimately, agents want to have confidence in their own decisions, but most people sometimes need a boost in this area. With mentors who let new agents know when they are doing a good job, the necessary levels of confidence can be achieved.

Find Answer to Questions

When embarking upon a new career, the vast majority of people will have a host of questions. New agents want to learn about the resources that they can use during their careers to find the best answers, and their mentors can help them with this task well.


Starting a new career is often heightened by the acquisition of a proficient mentor. People who are starting careers as real estate agents should definitely look into starting this beneficial relationship.