As a realtor, there is so much more to the job than simply finding and selling a house. Although often overlooked by the rest of the world, the less recognized tasks of a realtor are just as important. Following real estate news and trends, managing leads and information, and staying connected in your network of professionals are just some of things real estate agents conduct on a daily basis. Another crucial part of a realtor’s profession is managing their client– a concept we extremely value at our company.

There is a world of resources on the internet that allow clients to gain information all on their own. When we take clients, its critical to remember clients are not the expert in the housing market. This can create unrealistic expectations, so when working with our company we want to make sure we’re providing the expertise. From over-valuing their home to having more on their wishlist than their budget allows for, it can truly make a realtor’s job tough when it comes to managing those expectations.

Here’s how we get ahead of the game and hone in on the best skills for keeping clients satisfied.

Be Honest with Their Budget

The value of a house on the market will depend on numerous varying factors. When clients work with our company, they create a wishlist of location, amenities, and more that can easily result in an unrealistic understanding of what their budget will allow them to have. This brings us to a very standard real estate trick that can be seen on popular television shows like House Hunters and Flip or Flop. Show your client a home that fits within their budget. If it doesn’t meet their expectations, then show our clients a property that contains their entire wishlist. When they see the price of a property that will give them everything they want, it can help to bring them back down to reality.

If you’re client still doesn’t see the larger picture in terms of budget, be open with them about the market’s condition for the location in which they are looking. This shows transparency on your end and further builds trust in your relation with your client. At our company, we value positive client relationships! Not only will they gain personal insight to what they want, they can better evaluate their demands compared to the state of the market they’re searching in.

Educate to Negotiate

The world of finance is not an easy topic– especially when it comes to budgets. Explaining the psychology of sellers will prep your clients with the proper negotiating skills they need for finding the right home. It will allow them to feel as though they are getting a deal, while also ensuring not to offend the seller when they give an offer. Rather than spitballing a low offer, your client will have reasonable expectations to bargaining for a good deal.

Make Them Feel Valued

Realtors should not be anything short of providing good customer service. Many realtors can become stressed or overwhelmed with demanding clients. A good realtor has the ability to listen and become empathetic to client needs and wants. If you show them you are doing your absolutely best to fulfill their needs and desires in their future home, they will truly appreciate your services. When you make an effort to please your client, you will be pleased with your client’s expectations.